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Comprehensive information service:A full range of product information、Marketing information、Building materials industry development policy information、Competition in the market information、Product technical performance information、Other information relating to the user。Marketing services:Market planning function、Personnel training function、Marketing network construction function、Market infrastructure functions。Market management services:Dealers internal management、Related business management、Performance management、Inventory management、The project follow up、Research, etc。Professional technical services:Business start engineering field service、Key projects of the whole process of engineering and technical services,For dealers and users to provide professional technical consultation、Service
Zhejiang jie pipe co., LTD(简称诺洁管业)Was established1998Years,Corporate headquarters and the first production and processing base is located in China.Zhejiang。Is one specialized is engaged in“Noel clean”The research and development of product of brand of plastic piping systems、Production and sales of private high-tech enterprises,Is also a member of the Chinese plastic pipe professional committee。
An efficient research and development management process must be guided by scientific development strategy for,Jie always insist on"Pipeline specialization"As the core strategy,Strive to every field of science and technology in pipe has reached the international leading level。Throughout the year"Constant innovation,The pursuit of excellence"The general policy of and"In the lead、Top grade、Unique"Policy under the guidance of products,Clean set"Original excellence,Perfect deduce"The development of policy,Annual sales revenue will not be less than5%On research and development,Mr Jie research and development center now has national pipe professional and technical personnel150More than one,Set up100Research and development of incentive bonus of $ten thousand,Continue to strengthen with the college、The scientific research

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The New Year,Also on,Make persistent efforts,Hit a record,2019 Years,Let's career to a new level,Create a more brilliant tomorrow!
The New Year,Also on,Make persistent efforts,Hit a record,2019Years,Let's career to a new level,Create a more brilliant tomorrow!
Analysis of zhejiang jie pipe co., LTD., the spirit of enterprise——The spirit of the cow
Zhejiang nuo jie pipe co., LTD., is the mascot of a head of a Noel jie standard hydraulic dress cattle。

“An ox”, In Chinese culture is the symbol of diligence,In western culture is the symbol of wealth and power,Not only represent the people good wishes,A yearning for a better life,Is a kind of expectation,A kind of power。

To carry forward“An ox”Spirit,Strength of the maintain momentum,Formation of the charge,Steadfast,Diligently,The courage in cattle、The confidence of the bull overcome all difficulties and obstacles,Clean business will prosper,Clean business will be thriving。“Cattle like to long”,The Chinese nation culture

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